COVID Timeline Latest Updates
Nov 11
With the uptick in numbers, we are still offering three ways to join us for Sunday services.
1. In Person in Sanctuary: 
Masks "recommended", chairs spaced out in groups, please refrain for hugs, handshakes, etc. for now.  We do offer hand sanitizer and masks and we spray all the seats and surfaces before service starts to ensure it all starts disinfected.  

2. Streaming Online: 
If you are sick, COVID susceptible, or just feel safer being at home for now, you can join us on our website stream, YouTube, or FB.

3. In Person Streaming Service  in the Gym: 
Masks required, chairs spaced far apart, separate entrance. This is a great way for someone to worship in the same building, while being extra cautious.

As always, if you have any symptoms (hard to decipher right now because of allergies, etc,, we know) or if you've had contact with someone who has tested positive, please join us from home with our online streaming.  

These are trying times, but God is good, and together we can continue to worship together while doing our part to help stop the spread of COVID! God bless, see you on Sundays however you choose to join us.  

Older Updates:
July 3
Good afternoon, everybody!
We pray you are having a good 4th of July weekend (even if it's not the Independence celebration we were probably all hoping for) we know that we still have much to be grateful for.
We wanted to take a moment to update you on services in light of the new guidelines and mandates with the city and state:
Because we recognize the value of what we do together and because there is a good case that church is needed now more than ever, we will be having service at the Boys and Girls Club on Sundays. Because we also understand the value of being cautious and sensitive to health concerns we are also having a streaming watch service at Johnson Park for those who want to gather but are more COVID prone or want to lesson the risk of COVID by being spaced outside (pavilion #1). We are also still streaming online for those who need to watch from home. You can find the links to each from home at
At our in person service, we will be continuing to space the chairs out and sanitizing everything before-hand, and we will have hand sanitizer and masks available at the door and throughout the room. We will also be taking temps for those joining us. Because many are staying at home, we might be running a skeleton crew for set-up, ushering, worship, etc. for the next few weeks, and certainly these trying times include many things that are inconvenient for all of us, but please be patient... we're trying to get through this together.
If you have had symptoms, tested positive, or been asked to quarantine from having had contact with either of the previously mentioned, please watch from home and join us back again in person in a couple weeks, and don't forget to reach out to us and let us know if you need anything.
Finally, don't forget that our God is good... so very good. When things get darker, His light in us should shine even brighter. This is our opportunity as the church and as believers to show people what Christ looks like in perilous times (hint: He's still amazing)!

June 26 Update
Covid Numbers going up, what does this mean for us?  See video above for more details + bullet points below. 
We  are still meeting, but at the Boys and Girls Club, but we'll be asking people to:
•Space 6ft apart
•Sanitize often (we are sanitizing the room ahead of time, we'll have sanitizer available as well for people when they come in)
•Checking temps of all volunteers
•Masks will be available and will be recommended (hard to require)
•If sick or symptomatic please stay home and watch online stream.
•We will be going back to no hugs or handshakes for a few weeks to slow any spread.  

We are also offering a new watch party service for those who want to meet outside.
•Johnson Park - Pavilion #1 (one with the crazy roof on right past bathrooms coming from downtown) - Sundays, 10 -11:30
•Bring  a chair (some picnic tables available, but more sanitary and comfortable to have a camping chair. If you would like us to help provide let us know).
•Masks and physical spacing required since this location is designed for our more "COVID prone" attenders.  
•No donuts or coffee available, but you do get to worship near others in the church!

May 27 Update
Guidelines for Meeting Together Again
We are so excited to be meeting together again on this coming Sunday for service at the Boys and Girls Club! Please watch the video above, but also here is a snapshot of "principles and guidelines" we'll be following for the upcoming service (and possible services).  

Grace + Patience: 
This is a moving target, everyone has opinions, but we're going to do our best together as the church to embrace guidelines that ensure everyone feels welcome.
Join in Person or Online: 
We want to see everyone's face as soon as possible, but if you are sick, more prone to sickness, or feel like coming back is not what's best for you or your family yet, please join us online and engage online. We're still one church together in person and in our homes!
Masks are optional but we will be asking you to do what you need to do for you and your family, and refrain from judging someone else's decision on the matter. We will have extra masks on site. We realize that some will probably forego masks altogether, so if you need to wait before returning for that fact alone, we completely understand, please join online.
Temperature Checks: 
We will be checking the temperatures of all of our volunteers and those going into the kids  ministry (including nursery).  
We will be spraying all the chairs before service with a special sanitizer, and we will also have sanitizing gel available throughout the sanctuary.  We will also be working to ensure we have cleaned everything (including our kids/nursery areas) thoroughly.  
Our chairs in the main sanctuary and in the kids will be spaced out accordingly. You can move the chairs side to side to sit in family groups but please refrain from moving rows closer together as we want to respect physical distancing guidelines.
Hugging + Handshakes: 
This will be a hard one for many, but we also know that some are hesitant to come because they hate the idea of having to tell others that they aren't ready yet for that kind of physical contact. For the sake of ensuring that all feel welcome, let's forego the hugs and handshakes. We WILL get back to a time where this is normal again (despite what much of the news says) but we can wait a few more weeks to make sure people are ready.

May 22nd Update
In Person Services Resume May 31
We know it's been a rough couple months for our world, country, families, businesses, and yes... for the churches, but we know that God remains good and still has great things ahead. Right now is when we need to be listening to Him and following His lead the most, and we encourage our RPC family to stay in prayer for God to help us move into the next phase of the quarantine.

We have been praying and watching the news and local health announcements closely and are excited to be opening back up Sunday morning services next week on May 31st! I know many would love to have opened up earlier, and we are grateful to live in a state that we had that possibility to meet together a few weeks ago, but we are also trying to be good tenants to the Boys and Girls Club (who we rent from) and they have been slowly opening in phases. In addition to collaborating on this with our amazing landlords we want to ensure that we are taking all necessary steps to make certain that we can sanitize everything as needed and continue with our amazing children's ministry in a clean, safe environment for our babies and kids.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we have all prayerfully sought God's timeline. This Sunday (March 24) will be our final "online only" service but there WILL BE small group watch parties still going on. We also want to make sure we keep our online streaming going well for the foreseeable future. This allows us to continue ministering to people in their homes if they want to wait longer before coming back in to larger groups, and also gives us the ability to continue the spreading of the gospel in a powerful way. We truly believe God has used this time to broaden the reach of the Kingdom of God, and that the Church will be stronger after all of this!

If you have questions about what Sunday mornings will look like, please don't hesitate to ask. We have been working hard to make sure we are following any recommendations from health officials we've been in contact with and will be doing more work over the next week to guarantee everything is ready for our people to come back together on Sunday mornings. That being said, there is still much to be a part of even before that time and it's important for us to remember that the church never closed (we have had and will have watch parties, small groups, Highland Lakes Crisis Volunteering, the Women's and Men's Ministries, Youth and Kids ZOOM gatherings, etc.) but we are DEFINITELY grateful and so very excited to see everyone at Sunday morning services again soon!

April 29th
We can't wait till we can all meet back together again in one place on Sunday mornings! With the Governor's annc. of reopening the state (in stages) many have been asking when we will be "reopening" the church services as well.  We have been looking at all options and definitely praying through what God wants for RPC. You can watch the video update to see some of the hurdles we are facing to open too early, but also the reasoning behind some of our timeline decisions. Here it is in a nutshell. Because we don't really know what the month of May holds with the virus, our goal is to open in gates not dates. The first gate we will open will be (if all goes to plan) on May 10. That first gate will be streaming online, but we are encouraging small groups to start meeting for "watch parties" and do church at homes (with social distancing guidelines). If you are more susceptible to COVID or have reservations about meeting, then please stay home and watch an online with us.  Towards the end of the month or early June, if we still have the go ahead, we will plan to start meeting at the Boys and Girls Club again. We are in this for the long-haul, and we appreciate your patience as we do our best to, both, walk in faith... but also to shepherd well those whom God has put in our care.