RockPile Church continues to grow!

Future Home Campaign

Although, we recognize that the church is more than a building, we believe that God is looking to provide a more permanent place we can meet together, and we want to insure that we continue to have the room and ability to reach more people for Christ.

in the beginning

Whether it was the Montessori school during launch prep, the Well Played building when we opened up to the public, or the Boys and Girls Club which we currently meet at, we are grateful that God has always made sure that His church has had a roof overhead.

sustaining us

He continues to give us a place to gather, celebrate the cool stuff He does, worship in His presence, learn His word, and help develop His kids…. but what’s next?

Right now, we are looking at some great prospects for our future home!
Our goal is to raise money to cover a down payment, and then to put money towards building costs. Our attenders and supporters have been some of the most faithful givers, and we appreciate all that you have done to help us get RPC off and running.
Of course, we don’t want to pull from our regular tithes and offerings as we want to be good stewards with our regular bills and we still pay the rent for the Boys and Girls Club and for the office space and radio station!

Would You pray about giving to our future home?


You can give online (one time or reoccurring) by clicking “GIVE TODAY!” above and putting “Future Home” in the tagline. You can also give by mail or in the Sunday offering by designating on the check or envelope “Future Home” as well.

Thank you for prayerfully considering supporting the future of RockPile Church. Together, we are stronger… and we can reach more for Christ!

Mailing Address:
Marble Falls, TX 78654