End of 2018 Updates!

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Hey RockPilers,

I can’t believe 2018 is almost over, it seems like we were JUST asking ourselves “God, want do you want from us in 2018?”! I pray we’ve answered that question well and were obedient to His calling… and I know He has blessed us greatly over this last year.

As we wrap up, I wanted to make you aware of a few things and ask for your help on a few others.

1. Though we love the Piling Rocks Facebook group and will still be using it for the foreseeable future, we will really be using the texting service more than anything to keep you aware of all the things going on at RPC. If you haven’t signed up for texting yet, please do so. If you have, but you have not yet gone back and registered your name, info, and what groups you want to be a part of… please do that as well (since we have many currently that only have a phone #).

To sign up, please text “rockpile” to 84576.

2. If you are not a part of a small group, we really enocurage you to try one out… and we will have more options available soon as we will be launching some new small groups in early 2019! Likewise, if you are interested in hosting a small group or leading small group lessons, please let us know soon. We are doing a small group training on Wed., Jan 9th and 16th.

3. 2018 has been a monumental year for RPC! Currently, with your help, we have put aside $80k for our future home! If you have been giving towards the building campaign, I thank you so much. I know God has a great future, and a great future location for us… and your investment is a big part of that. Please prayerfully consider what God would have you do in the future, as well (whether you have been giving regularly or this would be your first time). As of now, we have decided not to do “monthly pledges” towards the campaign because we want to insure your giving is between you and God, and we never want you to feel any more obligated than to what the Lord has led you to give. That being said, If you want to make a monthly commitment, you can set up monthly reoccurring giving on our online giving module. Any monies that you want to go towards the building campaign, just make a note “future home.”

—You can give online here: https://app.securegive.com/RockPileChurch

4. We have grown a lot in 2018. It’s so exciting to look over the church on a Sunday morning and see the new faces, more families, and new RPC staff. I believe in what we are doing, and I pray that RPC has been a blessing to you and your family over the last year, and that you’ve grown closer to God. The biggest two favors I can ask of you are:

— Would you be praying over RockPile? In addition to our 2019 prayer night on January 2nd, please take some time each day just to lift up the church and to ask God to help us to minister to this community well. We never want to lose sight of why He called us here, and/or stop operating under His guidance and power. Please pray for our staff/board (and their families) as well!

— Would you take some time to invite someone to church? There is no greater honor than for us to be able to connect someone to God and make disciples. There is no better way for us to do that than for the disciples (the current church body) to be a part of connecting people in. Let’s fill the chairs up, and then let’s buy some more! Take time to share the promos on FB, invite your family, friends, and co-workers (who don’t have a church home). Also leave us a review on Facebook, YELP, Google, etc. Yes it’s strange to “review” a church (John Crist’s video about that is hilarious) but… people do see those reviews, and hopefully it will draw more people in to hear the word!

5. Finally, be a part!
God has not called us to be an audience, He called us to be a body. We are having a Ministry Festival on the last Sunday of January 2019 to highlight the various departments and needs in the church (there will be food and games too, it’s a lot of fun). This is a great way to find out how you can get more involved… but you don’t even have to wait until then. Let us know if we can help you get connected in and find out what role you might play in serving God by serving His people now, we have plenty to do!

Ok, I know that was a lot to read… if you made it this far, thank you for taking the time. Of course, 2018 isn’t over yet, so let’s do Christmas up right (still three services left)! Also, feel free to share, comment, email in questions (matt@rockpilechurch.com), etc.

Love you guys, so glad you are a part of our family!
God Bless,


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